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Feature Film

Role: Ziggy

From the Valerie Facebook page: After mob boss Victor’s daughter Linda goes missing, he puts biker-gang member Valerie on the case. When she discovers the reason for Linda’s disappearance, Valerie must go up against her motorcycle gang, Linda’s husband Bernie, and the entire mob in order to set things right.

Coming Winter 2018

Summer’s Monster: Episodes 2-6


Role: Hanna

From the Snowshoe & Monster Storyhive page: A conspiracy theorist and scientific photographer are hired to help a woman track down her childhood monster. A race against time, money, and impending winter sends the three of them into the wilderness with nothing but a small trailer and a story. Snowshoe & Monster follows Summer, Rodger, and Hanna as they discover the secrets behind a woodland monster and struggle to come to a consensus about whether their findings deserve to end up in a reputed scientific journal, an online alien forum, or if they’re better left alone.

Episode 1 is available under the title “Snowshoe & Monster”

Episodes 2-6 Coming Fall 2018 on Telus Optik